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Conferentie wishlist

WISH LIST: Future Presentation Topics of Interest to IT Communicators

Deze wishlist staat op de Educause wiki en kan worden aangevuld!

Please add to this list; indicate names/schools if you have heard a good presenter on this topic, or if you have experience on the subject.

This is only a wish list. It is about ideas, not about making a commitment. Go ahead and enter those blue-sky suggestions!
  • CIOs and their IT Communicators - 2-3 CIOs and their communications staff members to talk about the role from both sides
  • Student Affairs functional areas, technology, and how EDUCAUSE can be a tech hub for SA pros. - Eric Stoller, Inside Higher Ed
  • Translating tech speak - Wendy & Melissa, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Hands-on sessions – show specific examples, and explain the communications strategies behind it
  • IT's a People-thing: How a non-techie can build a dynamic IT division - Butch, Lone Star College
  • Digital signage: building your case, gathering support, and creating your messages - Melanie at University of Texas at El Paso
  • New strategies for reaching end users
  • The power of being heard on campus – what good communications can do for your IT organization’s reputation
  • How to build a communications team
  • This is what you look like – how end users see IT and how to shape that view
  • A review of IT website best practices – wiki vs. no wiki, too much content, too little content, consistency in writing styles, etc
  • Branding IT/Renaming IT – to do or not to do
  • The Fundamentals – starting from scratch: putting together a style guide, communications policies and procedures, and creating communications channels with the community
  • Recharge: How do you revitalize yourself if you are the primary cheerleader for IT?
  • Project plans and project management - how much PMI training does an IT Communicator need any way? Roberts, Nevada System of Higher Education
  • How to communicate with and influence undergraduate students
  • Social Media for Dummies: Successfully using IT Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote and listen - Sherri at LSU, Nick at University of Oklahoma
  • Incorporating audio and video channels in your IT Communications channels - Jeff, Washington and Lee University
  • How to market a new initiative with multiple channels, including Crossword Puzzles - Allison at Texas A&M University
  • Getting your Message Heard/Seen: How often to repeat messages for each channel & subtle changes between versions - Carolyn at University of Texas at San Antonio
  • How to build or buy a does-it-all communications application. Example: enter full description of incident or event, summary, and headline on one web page, and when you hit "send," the appropriate information gets distributed to your Facebook, Twitter, IT web site, wiki, RSS feeds, etc.
  • How to build a core IT Communications budget and what channels to add when your funding increases - Kevin, Utah State
  • How to best support your CIO using communications channels (CIO blog, twitter, Facebook?)
  • How often should we redesign our IT website and why? Cathy at University of Miami-Ohio
  • How to build relationships within IT to improve communications between teams so that IT itself presents a more unified front. Tina at Oklahoma State University
  • Lead from Where You Are: how communicators can help shape the IT division - Jeralyn, University of Oklahoma
  • Learning from our mistakes - IT Marketing and Communications Faux Pas and What We Learned
  • Building Trust: How personal relationships can build confidence in IT throughout your customer base - LeCarla, University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Social Media on Your Campus- Shannon Ritter (Penn State) and Tanya Joosten (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Online IT newsletters (both internal and external)
  • IT specific Social networking tools (IT depts that use Twitter, Facebook, etc to promote IT services and events)
  • Mobile apps for campus users (not instructional)- where can we find free tools for developing, is there a university exchange program for mobile apps, should we only support iPhone and Android?
  • Digital signage - software side not hardware side (what do you do with it, who promotes on it, do you allow vendors to promote on them - and do you charge them), administration suggestions (who controls content), lessons learned
  • Emergency Notification system - opt-in vs. opt-out, who types them up and approves them (if anyone), does your text system allow opt-in ads, is yours mandatory and how do you make it mandatory
  • Text messaging as a form of non-emergency communication (or not)
  • How do you get students to read their emails
  • Where do we need to be in one year, two years? Dare we say 3 years?
  • Successful Surveys you have used to help improve your communications and/or your services
  • When you have to use paper how do you keep the cost down?
  • IT websites - teams vs. services
  • Service catalogs - what exactly is the message we are trying to tell, shouldn't they be written for the user?
  • RSS News feeds
  • Campus Wikis
  • How to get Faculty and Staff involved (how to get them using tools, how to get their buy-in with forums, pilots, collaboration, etc)
  • Unified communications - how to get the word out using all the tools but keeping them consistent
  • Acceptable Use policies - how to update them to include Web 2.0 tools
  • IT incident communications (this was offered this year and should be offered again)
  • How to use You Tube to get your message across
  • Advertising on Facebook (or not)
  • How to do it all on a shoestring budget

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